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This is the place where new animals arrive, are rehabilitated and are prepared for their release.  Here you will accompany the rescue centre team, helping in the daily activities (feeding, cleaning, enrichment), and you will learn about the efforts necessary for the rehabilitation of an individual, how the troops are formed, behavioural evaluations, and other related activities. 

With the Kawsay team you will be immersed in the forest to monitor and study the re-established troops of monkeys.  You will put your field skills to the test during long walks, crossing over swamps and creeks, learn to use GPS techniques, orientation skills within the forest, and help in the collection of data regarding behaviour patterns, diet, habitat use and populational dynamics. 

​General Activities

  • Help with daily rescue centre tasks (feeding, management, enrichment)

  • Assist with the care of sick or infant animals

  • Collection of data for captive behaviour

  • Monitoring and study in the wild

  • Theoretical studies in the classroom and practical lessons


  • Over 18 years old

  • Motivated

  • Able to work well in a team, and under field conditions

  • Good physical and mental condition

  • Basic English and/or Spanish

  • Own travel insurance 

  • Payment (depending on time spent at the project)

We offer

  • Collection from the airport in Puerto Maldonado

  • Transport between the stations

  • Accommodation in Taricaya and Kawsay (shared rooms with private bathrooms)

  • 3 meals per day

  • Equipment and materials necessary for the work

  • All necessary training

  • Certificate of participation as a volunteer or for work experience for university course ​​


  • 2 weeks (1 week Taricaya – 1 week Kawsay) ...US$850     

  • 3 weeks (10 days each place)...US$1300                    

  • 4 weeks (2 week Taricaya – 2 weeks Kawsay) ...US$1600 

  • After the first month extra week Taricaya or Kawsay...US$300​

Before buying your flights and organising your trip, please consider that the boat will be leaving from Puerto Maldonado to Kawsay and Taricaya every wednesday and sunday at 3:30pm;  the boat will return to the town every wednesday and saturday at 9:00am.  At the weekends you have the option to stay in the town of Puerto Maldonado, where you will find hotels, restaurants, launderettes, wi-fi, etc. (not included in the cost), or you may stay at the stations. You may also take part in other activities which take place in each station

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