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We are a community of people living in the middle of the rainforest as a family and as a team working together in the different projects to make a positive impact towards rainforest conservation.

Our staff includes Peruvians from Puerto Maldonado and from other regions of Peru, and former volunteers who made Peru and our jungle their home. With a variety of skills, degrees, and experiences we put together our knowledge, passion and dedication to make Taricaya a great place to live and work in direct contact with nature helping to preserve it.

why we do it?

The Amazon Rainforest plays a critical role in maintaining climate function regionally and globally, a contribution which everyone of us depends on. During the last half century, the Amazon has lost at least 17% of its forest cover and many endemic species have been subjected to excessive resource exploitation.

In the region of Madre de Dios, Peru, there are 2 of the most biodiverse areas in the Amazon Rainforest, the Manu National Park and the Tambopata National Reserve.

Unfortunately, these natural protected areas by the government and all the rainforest in the region are threatened by its own population.

Population growth, weak land-use/land-ownership rules and poor government law enforcement make the main economic activities in the region a major threat for the Amazon Rainforest.

With global warming becoming more real every year, it is now even more of the highest importance that proper restoration plans are established and alternative uses in harmony with nature are promoted for a more sustainable human development in the region.


we do it

We are located in the southeast Amazon rainforest of Peru, province of Tambopata, region Madre de Dios. The capital is Puerto Maldonado city in which the rivers Tambopata and Madre de Dios join their waters.


An hour down the Madre de Dios river by motorboat with no road access, about 28 km from the city, on the right bank of the river, you arrive to the entrance of Taricaya Reserva Ecologica. With almost 500 hectares of protected rainforest, we border the Tambopata National Reserve, a natural protected area by the government identified by many scientists as one of the most biodiverse areas in the world.


Taricaya Reserva Ecologica houses the Taricaya Research Center with different research stations and facilities for each project and the Taricaya Lodge with facilities including shared cabins and common areas to live in the jungle as a community. We also have a set of interconnected trails that cover the entire reserve for research and monitoring of the area.

how to 

get here

From Lima and Cusco, you can take a flight to Puerto Maldonado arriving to the Padre Aldamis airport (check for Starperu, Avianca or LATAM airlines). We pick you up from the airport for a 20 minutes’ car drive to our office and then transfer to the port to take our motorboat and start the journey down river into the jungle until we reach the port of the entrance into Taricaya Reserva Ecologica.

From Cusco, you can also take a bus to Puerto Maldonado, along the interoceanic highway (10 hours´ ride) if you want to experience the change of ecosystems from the Andes to the Amazon and safe some cash!

As a concession for ecotourism, we manage the natural area of rainforest under our care to maintain the essential ecological processes for life, to preserve biodiversity and to use natural resources rationally and sustainably.

We constantly innovate and apply a variety of techniques with a multi and interdisciplinary approach with experts and professionals in different fields who develop projects that actually work and with volunteers from all over the world who help us in our daily activities to achieve our goals towards conservation and sustainability in the Amazon Rainforest.

how we

do it

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