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An amazing rainforest experience

Puerto Maldonado

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In 2001, TARICAYA ECORESERVE was born as a non-profit association dedicated to biodiversity conservation and the sustainable management of resources. The first volunteers arrived at Taricaya to become part of what was then was just 2 friends joining forces with local people to test alternative methods of conservation and sustainable resource management inside and around the reserve.

More than 19 years later, the projects developed on-site are thriving. We are a well-respected leader in wildlife conservation and sustainable resource use in the region, working with local communities and international volunteers to make a difference.

Our work has been possible thanks to the Taricaya Team, made up of passionate STAFF, INTERNS and VOLUNTEERS.  We also receive support through donations from individuals and organizations who believe in our work and positive impact, like ADI, San Diego Zoo Wildlife Association, Idea Wild, WWF and many more.

Taricaya needs your support in order to maintain and expand our positive work in and around the Reserve, contributing towards conservation of the Amazon Rainforest - the world’s most biodiverse ecosystem.

Become part of our family and make the rainforest your home! 

Join our staff by participating in the daily activities developed in the Reserve under their guidance. Activities vary from feeding the animals to combing beaches for turtle nests, depending on the ongoing projects at the time of visit.
We provide comfortable accommodations and 3 warm meals a day for those that decide to join us in our jungle community.



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